Sunday, 14 June 2015

The peace is shattered!

After not having been on a bike with me for about 30 years, the wife has decided that she wants to get out and about with me on the bike again.  Saturday saw us in the car heading for J&S Accessories in Hamilton to get her a set of new gear.
The guys in the shop were great and spent an age getting us sorted out with a good set of reasonably priced textile gear.
The gear is based around an IXS ladies textile suit of zip together jacket and trousers with waterproof membrane and removable thermal liners.  It looks like good quality kit, with well finished seams and sturdy zippers.  It is not top of the range by any means, but it looks like it should last a good few seasons. Hopefully we will not need to test the waterproofing system to often!
Just an HJC IS-17 in pink rocket colour scheme, to arrive next week, will top of all that black gear.

Sunday morning came round and we were out on the RT for a 'short' spin to see if she would still be OK and feel comfortable on the bike.  95 miles later I can safely say I will be doing fewer solo miles of a weekend in the future.....

Just to try and plant a few seeds, I have dropped the maps of France in her works bag so she will have something to enjoy with her Monday morning coffee!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

It's been a long winter...

This wee blog has been somewhat neglected for the past 6 months, it has been a long winter.  Lots of work, miserable weather and home life have all conspired to keep my free time to a minimum.
Things should be better now though.  I have been out for a couple of good runs on the bike, acquired a Drift Stealth video camera, see the link to my YouTube channel on the right for the latest uploads.  I have loads of footage to get through and comments (good or bad) are always welcome!

Looking forward to the next few months I have got a camping weekend planned later in June and a week long trip up to Orkney via Braemar, Inverness and Dunnet Head then back down the west coast. Hopefully I will get some good video and stills and then bore you all senseless with video blogs, slide shows and write ups!

Hopefully I'll be back here soon!