Thursday, 21 April 2016

It's been another long winter...

Event though the winter was quite mild the bike didn't fare well at all.  Despite being spotless when it went in for its 6000 mile service at the end of September last year, by December the paint coating was failing at various points on the swing arm.....again.  Parks Motorrad were once again brilliant and handled the warranty claim swiftly and once again BMW replaced the swing arm and bevel box.  As washing the bike every time it is out in the winter appears not to be good enough to maintain the quality Germanic finish on the bike, I decided to get it ACF50d at the same time as the parts were being replaced in January.  To keep the salt under control I still hosed the bike down every couple of rides during the winter.
March saw me working an extended period of nights and the bike didn't get much use at all.  Last week I finally got round to giving it a good clean and getting the ACF50 and accumulated grime off.  What a difference!  Sure it takes some cleaning to get it all off, but the finish where the ACF50 was applied is spotless despite 4 months of Scottish winter riding.  I will be getting the bike treated again this autumn, yes it is expensive but it works a treat.

Over on ADV Scotland (see the link on the right) the run a wee challenge every year with a list of 100 things or places for you to find and get a photo of your bike there.  I had a look at the list and plotted a route around the Forth Valley to have a go at snapping some of the locations.
The sun was shining and even though a lot of the riding was in the urban jungle, it was still a nice day under the spring sun and blue, cloudless sky...

So what is in the pipeline for the rest of the year?  Not to much so far...
June will see me in Oban for a long weekend when I intend to nip over to Mull for a circuit of the Island.  I have only ever been to Tobermory for a few hours when we called in on a dive boat and I have always said I would go back for a look.
August is more Islands, just further from the mainland this time.  The Outer Hebrides for a week.  Plan is to go from Ullapool to Stornoway, have a 2 days rooting around Lewis & Harris, Ferry to North Uist, a couple of days exploring the Uists and Benbecula, over to Barra for a day and then finally the ferry from Barra to Oban and then home.

As well as writing up the trips I'll try and review some of the gear I have been using motorcycling and camping.